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Name: Bill Keaggy

Official tagline: “Focused, yet easily distracted.”

Previous tagline: “Collector, maker and breaker of things.™”

i am keaggy.com

Site slogan: “The enemy of sloth is progress.”

Contact me: I set up a simple email contact form to cut down on spam. If you're the media, go ahead and use the form to get in touch with me — I will get back to you surprisingly quickly.

Borned: Youngstown, Ohio, USA, 1971

Growed up: Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Schooled: Ohio University, School of Visual Communication, Athens, Ohio, USA

Degree: BFA 1995, Picture Editing and Page Design

Live: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Worked: I've done everything from information design to web design to magazine design to photo editing with a bunch of et ceteras...
•: 2013-Present: Co-founder & Partner at The Tremendousness Collective. •: 2011-2013: Creative Director at Dachis Group •: 2007-2011: Creative Director, Brand Manager, Knowledge Manager, Marketing, Blogger, Designer-At-Large, etc... at XPLANE | The visual thinking company
• 2004-2007: Features Photo Editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
• 1999-2004: Founding Partner, Creative Director, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Interactive Group Manager, BizDev, Blogger, Interior Decorator, Tech Services, Designosaur, etc. at XPLANE
• 1996-1999: Design Director of POSTnet.com (now STLtoday.com), the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's web site; Page Designer/Graphic Artist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
• 1995-1996: Design Director of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday Magazine
• 1993-1995: Art Director of insideOUT Magazine
• 1988-1993: Art Director & Editor of ACC Magazine

Family: Married to the wonderful Diane, with a super-duper son named Liam and a beautiful daughter named Sorena

My dad: Can fix anything and has what may be the largest private collection of Reddy Kilowatt memorabilia on this planet

My mom: All-around great mom; makes the best creamed chicken on toast this planet has ever seen

Related famousness: Phil Keaggy (amazing guitarist, lives in Nashville), John Henry Kagi (guerilla abolitionist, killed at Harper's Ferry), Mary Ellen Kaye (actress on the silver screen)

Fun: Design, photography, collecting, family, bikes, books, people falling down, bowling, horseshoes, teh Intar-Web, vegetable gardening, etc...

Music facts: I always listen to Dropkick Murphys or Drive-By Truckers while mowing the lawn; I usually listen to the Cult's “Love” on the first sunny day that smells like Spring; I once listened to Swervedriver's 8-minute song “Duress” 16 times in a row while working at XPLANE (and I'd do it again) and I can, and do, listen to Tycho and Mogwai pretty much every single day

Food: Porterhouse steak, sushi, avocado, cheese, corn dogs, pizza, tacos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Wasabi coated green peas

Beverages: Pinot Noir, Milk, Cinzano Bianco, water, smoothies, Mendota Springs, Vernor's Ginger Ale, chamomile tea, The Civil Life Brewing Company's Milk Stout, New Belgium's La Folie

Favorite bars: 33, Sascha's on Shaw, Venice Cafe, Saratoga Lanes, (in St. Louis, Missouri); The Union, The Smiling Skull, Tony's (in Athens, Ohio)

College housemates: Adam L, Adam J, Mark, Idris, Josh, Janie, Kevin, Gary

Hardware: Macintosh, bitch.

Bikes: Road: Tommaso Augusta, MTN: GT Outback, Cannondale F7, BMX: S&M NG Holmes, VINTAGE: Western Flyer

'Zines: Atomic Circle of Chaos (ACC), HBI, Graphic Laxative, BullWinkle

Obsessive: Laziness, other peoples' grocery lists, photography, the Web, back alleys, cheap old cameras, rocks shaped like shoes, dirt, the woods, things found in the street, Sifnos, sandwiches, sushi & sake, cheap antique malls, dirty flea markets, everything-must-go estate sales

my projects

Authoring: I wrote a book about found shopping lists based on The Grocery List Collection for HOW Books (psssst... you can order it on Amazon or get it at a surprising number of bookstores! It's called Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found and was published by HOW Books.)

Authoring^2: A book based on my 50 Sad Chairs project was published in March 2008, released by the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ, and available at finer novelty shops and, of course, Amazon.

TVing: Yeah, that was me on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Part 1 | Part 2

Le blogs: I published xBlog (ISSN 1543-7477) from Nov 1999 to 2011 and launched bBlog (ISSN 1543-7485) in Dec 2000 and wrapped it into xBlog around 2009 (and I do several other weblogs of varying import)

Sharing: Fipilele user #63 [this is good]

Linking: I archive lots and lots of them at del.icio.us/bk

Ffffinding: Ffffun. Yes, I'm on ffffound

Blogger: My profile, #3149

Flickr: Some of my photos

Technorati: My Technorati Profile

Coming up: Major events at my Upcoming

Just happened: Little things at my Twitter

People: And while I don't really use Facebook or LinkedIn very much, if I know you I'll probably reciprocate an add

Places: Yes I am on Gowalla and FourSquare

Things: Of course you can buy me something from my rather neglected Amazon Wish List

News: Although I hardly post at MetaFilter, I still like it: User #728 (old account: #98)

Music: I track my listening habits with Last.fm — and I made you a muxtape

Books: And I track my reading habits with Goodreads (and here's my author profile)

Data: And... I sometimes track various things on DAYTUM

Swap: I participated in the 3rd 20 Things swap

Swap^2: I also did Badge Swap 2003

Compete: I won playing the 4th match of Photoshop Tennis — now called Layer Tennis — back in 2001

Coudaled: I was the Guest Editor for June 2007 over at the magnificent Coudal Partners web site

MoOMed: While we're talking about the Coudal crew, I am a proud supporter and Board Member of the Museum of Online Museums and an executive producer for their film 72°.

Curated: And while we're at it I might as well mention I am featured in their documentary about collecting called "The Curators"

Reflective: I've submitted a few pictures to The Mirror Project

Clicked: The original JPG Magazine published a photo I took of my wife Diane in issue 4: Johnson's Shut-Ins

Clacked: The Morning News gave me the email interview treatment (I really should've put more effort into that)

Read: I have been interviewed by The Washington Post about weblogs, by The New York Times about my grocery list collection and by the Wall Street Journal about lists in general

Write: I wrote an opinion column on weblogs for Network World back in 2002

Radio: I've been interviewed about my projects quite a few times on NPR, CBC, Sirius, Australian Public Radio, Japanese radio and on at least 50 other stations around the country.

Periodicled: My projects have been featured in these publications too: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, The L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Detroit Free Press, Tampa Tribune, The Riverfront Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Sydney Morning Herald, Baltimore City Paper, Bon Appetit, Family Circle, Bizarre Magazine, Metropolis, HOW Magazine, Forbes, Advertising Age, Fast Company, Business 2.0, The Business Journal, MacWorld, Online Learning, eLearningPost, International Education Daily, Invert, BMX Plus!, The Morning News, JPG Magazine, k10k, Factsheet 5, Bookpage, many other daily newspapers, some magazines, a bunch of radio stations and some other media you probably have never heard of...

Published: My personal projects and/or my professional work has been recognized in these books, among others:
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Ed
The Weblog Handbook
Who Let the Blogs Out?: A Hyperconnected Peek at the World of Weblogs
No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog
Convergences: Themes, Texts, and Images for Composition, 3rd Ed
Self-Promotion Online
What Is Web Design?
Advertising and Promotion, 6th Ed
Technical Communication, 6th Ed
Network Security Illustrated
SPD's 39th Publication Design Annual
Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!
Generation F (the Freestylin' Magazine book)
Weird Missouri: Your Travel Guide to Missouri's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets
• I was the photo editor for this booK: The Muny: Songs of St. Louis Summers
• Oh, and hey, did I mention that I wrote books based on The Grocery List Collection and 50 Sad Chairs?

More published: The work that my colleagues at XPLANE have done has been mentioned in these books (an incomplete list):
Visual Language for Designers
Magazine Design That Works
Marketing Genius
Marketing Playbook: The Manual for Growing Organizations
Selling to the Old Brain
The Networking Survival Guide

Blurbed: Project guy Jeffrey Yamaguchi asked me to write a back cover blurb for his excellent book, Working for the Man: Inspiring and Subversive Projects for Residents of Cubicle Land — so i did!

Yay-hoo!: I've been a Yahoo! Pick of the Week, a Yahoo! Pick of the Year, a USA Today Hot Site and a few other things that would make my mom proud

Oh-no!: But even Memepool thinks I'm a “wacko”

Oh-yeah!: At least Val Casey says my grocery list collection is “what the web is really all about:” a “quintessential site

IA: There is very little info about me at iawiki.net/BillKeaggy

Wiki: But two of my projects are cited in Wikipedia: grocery lists and XPLANE's xBlog

Huzzah: A site that Jeff Lash and I built at XPLANE was chosen as Forbes Best of the Web

Wuzzah: An information graphic that Casey Conroy and I designed for Wired Magazine at XPLANE was chosen for the SPJ's 39th Publication Design Annual

Look: I was photographed by Bobbi Fabian for her book project about people who live in a place other than the area where they were born (I'm two over, two down from top left — taken down near the Mississippi riverfront)

about this here web site

Note: this page is oudated. New "About" page here.

This web site is a collection of visual indiscretions. It serves no purpose and despite what you may think, it does not waste a lot of my time — just yours. Here's a full site index.

I like photography, design, music, adventure, the WWW, bowling, books, bikes and collecting things. It could be argued that I am only good at collecting things, but the others are a lot of fun too.

I like to get mail. If you want to say hi, please feel free. I might write back.


presently, via twitter

last month
I haven't updated this since 2010 so it seems like I am not doing these lists any more. In fact, this entire page is pretty old.
this month
July 2010
On iTunes heavy rotation:Into The Blue Again” by The Album Leaf
Just watched:Seasons 1 & 2 of Arrested Development” (4/4*)
Just bought:Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray” by John Swarr and Mark Eaton
Clicking on: How to Get Your Camera Back When You Lose It
Unanswered emails: 59
Reading:The Mother Toungue” by Bill Bryson
Eating: Porterhouse steaks from Missouri Grass-Fed Beef
Drinking: Local Norton
Feeling nostalgic about: Last week
Looking forward to: 85ºF
Not liking: Humidity
Wearing: Flip flops
Procrastinating: Making things
Song stuck in my head now:1969” by Stooges
Admiring: How to open a wine bottle with a shoe
Want to be: Making more things
Wishing I knew more about: _____________
Working on: ?
Listing: Places you can see my July 1 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live
• YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2


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